Awaking Youth Capsule 30pcs/jar - Jam The Skin
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Awaking Youth Capsule 30pcs/jar - Jam The Skin
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Emma 1997

Awaking Youth Capsule 30pcs/jar

289.00 MYR

Instant Whitening Essence - corrects the uneven skin tone in seconds

It is specially designed for whitening, brightening, lighten dark spots, smooth wrinkles and hydrating. Patented ingredients are used for an immediate aesthetic effect & a real whitening effect for long-term use. 

Prevent hyperpigmentation & UV induced melanin synthesis: formulated with LUMISKIN to work on whitening. The lightening effect of Lumiskin is 30 times stronger than kojic acid. Clinical studies have reported that 70 % of the subjects found it effective. 

Lighten dark spots & equalize skin pigmentation: WONDERLIGHT targets hyperpigmentation areas 

Fill the fine lines & hydrate the skin: HYALURONIC FILLING SPHERES are included to create a bouncy skin by drawing water to the skin and fill the fine lines rapidly. 

Other goodness like hops flower extracts, squalane and jojoba oil are added to nourish the skin. 

It gives a bright & silky smooth finishing for the skin and you could just show up without dabbing on any foundation or make up. The essence could give you a fair and bright complexion!

HOW TO USE: Apply after toner, follow by moisturizer.

Tips: Mix with sunblock or foundation for brighter and natural glowing complexion.


素颜小心机 - 舒芙蕾质感精华富含多种专利成分,能瞬间润色去黑去黄。长期使用有效美白淡斑,抚纹及补水。

• 净白透亮,细致柔嫩触感,让肌肤呈现光彩透亮,恢复弹力、光滑,改善老化与皱纹等现象
• 含啤酒花果萃取,专利成分 Lumiskin 和 Wonderlight 抑制黑色素生成,有效达到美白及透亮的效果。专利成分 Hyaluronic Filling Spheres 极度补水。角鲨烷能有效渗透肌肤,延缓皮肤老化!


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