Facial Wash Solution 220 mL - Jam The Skin

Emma 1997

Facial Wash Solution 220 mL

189.00 MYR

A 3-in-1 mild and special gel for removing make up, cleansing and brightening. 

The smart invention makes things convenient and easier by combining a make up remover with a cleanser. Massage the gel (dryly, without any water) in a circular motion to stick and pick up the dirt/make up on the face. The clear gel will transform into cloudy filaments.

The addition of water will then help with the deep cleansing.The cleanser is so mild, moisturising, soothing and brightening thanks to cucumber extracts, algae extracts, chamomile extracts, aloe vera, water based olive oil and vitamins B1, B2, B12. 

• 三效合一:卸妆、洗脸、嫩白!
• 含小黄瓜、海藻、洋甘菊、芦荟、及维他命 B1,B2,B12!让您洁净脸的同时也能够让她保湿,滋润、亮白、及水嫩!


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