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Emma 1997

Placenta Active Cream 50 g

369.00 MYR

A perfect antiaging cream to activate the skin from the cellular level. 

A little of this luxurious cream goes a long way, with placenta (full of important active ingredients), SYN-COLL (patented ingredients), peptide, and saccharide isomerate to activate the skin cells and metabolism, promote the production of collagen and lock the moisture, keeping the skin off from the sign of aging.  

Placenta has been found to speed up the healing of wound and damaged tissue. Utilising placenta in skin care is superior as it is able to penetrate into the skin deeply and it contains growth factors. It promotes the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the dermis. Hence, it improves the elasticity and moisture level of the skin, giving a firmer and smoother skin. 

• 严选日本制造的胎盘,配合胜肽等抗老化成份,提供修护养份,延缓肌肤老化,使肌肤光滑细致!
• 主要成分:锁水磁石、三胜肽、胎盘素、胺基酸、活性蛋白质等。


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