How to verify your product?

Dear readers, there are a lot of counterfeit EMMA1997 Pearl Whitening Body Cream in the market and we advise you to verify the product by following the guidance published by Emma1997 International Co., Ltd in concern to your health and consumer right.

Genuine product has ALL the following characteristics so here is a check list for you to run through.


Step 1: Verification on the bottle
  • Logo embossed clearly on bottom as shown
  • Label / Sticker are positioned neatly, straight from top with little gap in between
  • Colour of the label / sticker is bright and well defined 

Step 2 : Verification on the shrink packaging

  • Logos are printed on the shrink packaging
  • Kindly verify it under sufficient light source

Step 3: Verification on the bottom of the box

  • For the dates, there isn't any space in between 

Step 4 : Verify your product directly with 

  • This is the first generation of verification code sticker
  • Remove the carbon coating to get a set of verification code 

  • Visit and click on the following tab as shown 
  • Enter the verification code and positive result will be given to genuine product
For product with second generation of verification code sticker, you may simplified the process by scanning the QR code directly with your smartphone.  

As circulated in our social media, we have recently found another characteristic for genuine product as follow:

Here is a list of counterfeit product sellers as published in the official website of EMMA1997

 Kindly note that in Malaysia, the following seller is selling fake/counterfeit EMMA1997 Pearl Whitening Body Cream:
Facebook: Beautyqq Candy
Instagram: mybeautykey
Company: Loletto13 (IP0404770-H)


We are yet to publish other unethical sellers but we urge you to be careful and be a whistleblower. 

Rule of thumb, put product with low prices on doubt. You are more than welcome to contact us via should you have any enquiries.