About Us

Jam The Skin is a project run by a team of passionate members with knowledge in pharmaceutical and formulation science, dedicated to whatever inspired us. It is a sharing portal depicting life in an inspirational way thanks to unique blend of passion, creativity, and slight madness. We are very picky in skin care but we do blend in worthy goods to Jam The Skin whenever possible. Embracing the good nature of life, we aim to be a beauty time machine. 

Jam The Skin is proud to represent EMMA1997 in Malaysia.

Representing EMMA1997 in Malaysia, we pledge to provide 100% genuine products. 


EMMA1997 is a cosmeceuticals brand of premium quality and are being loved by many people. It has been highly recommended in various beauty show. Check out the video below for more details.






Products of EMMA1997 have undergone serious tests for safety assurance. Kindly check the official website of EMMA1997 for more details.