SoApY JAM 手工皂

Carefully handcrafted soap with juices and extracts from nature!


is packed with a high proportion of quality oil such as Jojoba oil, Tsubaki oil, Neem oil and etc to nourish your skin. They are just simply MORE......

We have to put the best

because SoApY JAM is originally handcrafted for dad, then mum likes it, aunts & uncles want it, friends love it...... So, we create SoApY JAM for everyone! We kept the soaps for our own use and have stored several batches for years. Hence, this is the born of our SoApY JAM's Signature 老皂: Displaying the keep-at-home recipe with long-curing period of more than 1 year

SoApY JAM is seasonal

Selection, combination, curing years are all seasonal. We craft it according to inspiration so please forgive us for not offering the similar all year long.

Last but not least, to all SoApY JAM lovers, 
Soap isn't functional but is meant for gentle and pleasant cleansing. We use natural ingredients including essential oils and we strictly do not use any fragrance.

Love, SoApY JAM