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Emma 1997

Q10 Soothe Essence Spray 150 mL

239.00 MYR

Brightening & whitening mist for face and body

Special spraying bottle: create fine mist without aerosol + spray at any angle for your convenience (convenient for spraying on back)

It creates a very smooth finishing on your skin upon application & everyone agrees that!

Yeast extract: Moisturizing, repair & stimulate collagen production

Q10: Rejuvenating, protective, antioxidation & reduce UV damage

Tranexamic acid: Whitening & brightening

ORGANIC argan oil: expensive oil from Morocco, moisturizing, good source of vitamin A & E, antioxidation, good source of omega-6 (anti-inflammation, soothe the acne skin), improve elasticity of the skin (prevent stretch marks)


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