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Pearl Whitening Body Cream 180 mL

199.00 MYR


A fast absorbing whitening body cream specially designed for Asian.

It works amazingly on whitening: Tranexamic acid and Pearl powder to lighten your skin tone and dark spots. 

Besides, the presence of Syn-Coll & Palmitoyl tripeptide-5 improves collagen production and makes your skin firmer.

Upon application, a deep and instant hydrating effect is achieved thanks to shea butter, Macadamia oil and Hyaluronic acid.

Botanical extract from Licorice further complete it by providing calming and soothing effect to the skin. 

Dark spots or areas like underarm and inner thigh would love this cream! 

This product is free from heavy metals (certified by SGS).

Hit the 'Video & Demo' tab to see the amazing results!

美体匀嫩霜 (美白神器)
• 严选多种嫩白成分,更加入了珍珠粉末,适合亚洲人的肌肤!
• 给身体白皙的效果,特别是腋下、大腿内侧,经涂抹按摩后,散发白皙粉嫩!
• 珍珠粉:含有贝壳蛋白胺基酸成分,能渗透到肌肤深处达到美白佳效!
• 传明酸:亮白肌肤、稳定性高、不易受环境影响!
• 胡桃油:油性温和不易刺激皮肤,延展性良好不会有油腻感,且其渗透力好!
• 玻尿酸:可保持肌肤弹性,还能帮助肌肤从体内及皮肤表层注入大量水份,具有保湿润滑的作用!


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