Beautiful Bride

Hey bride, stay perfectly beautiful and confident right on the moment you wake up: 

1) Allergy Free Essence Spray 

It keeps you smell fresh and odour-free (be it your scalp, hair, face, body, underarm, back, feet & etc.) thanks to the natural antibacterial effect of botanical extracts, the fireweed. 

2) Awaking Youth Capsule

Worry about the uneven skin tone of your face? Apply this the night before to keep your flawless look. It contains precious pearl powder that corrects your skin tone immediately. It is an essence emphasizes on instant whitening for visible fairness as well as for a real brightening effect.

3) Pearl Whitening Body Cream

Similar to Awaking Youth Capsule but this is specially designed for body use. It provides an instant whitening effect for the body. Dark areas like underarm, inner thigh, bikini line, elbow, knee and etc. would love this cream.  

4) Q10 Smooth Essence Spray

You might have smooth skin but this essence could make your skin feels even better - SILKY SMOOTH to the touch. It is also very hydrating and is good in brightening.