Argan Oil - The "Liquid Gold"

Native to Morocco, argan oil is known as a super food for skin.  It is one of the rarest oils and most prized oils in the world so it is commonly referred to as "liquid gold". It is harvested from the kernel of nut from argan tree and is incredibly rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin E and proteins.
Two Berber women producing argan oil from the kernel of argan tree. Photo credit: imageBROKER/Alamy
Argan oil has a long history of use in Morocco to treat skin disease, joint pain, and dry hair. Recent years, it has gained the attention as a powerful anti-ageing ingredients.

The key skin benefits of argan oil are:   

Reduce fine lines & wrinkles
Minimize scar & stretch mark
Fight free redical preventing the signs of aging
Improve elasticity
Soothe irritation
Improve skin tone
Repair damaged skin
Argan oil is lightweight, non-greasy, easily absorbed and it silks your skin like never before! It can be used as whole-body moisturizer and also good for moisturizing the hair & nails. 
You may obtain the benefits of argan oil from our Q10 Soothe Essence Spray that could be conveniently spray from top to toe at 360 degree. It creates fine and wide mist that we all loved as the absorption happened in seconds. It leaves the skin as soft as silk! We are out of word to describe how soft & smooth it is though. 
Gentle reminder: Be aware if you have nut allergies.

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