Whole Tomato Rice


Whole Tomato Rice Has Gone Viral!

Featuring in Japan TV show, the whole tomato rice has taken the internet by storm recently! Many had tried, have you? Being it Indian style, Spanish style, Japanese style, Taiwanese style, whatsoever style.. you can simply make it your own style by adding in your preference ingredients. For heavy taste bud people like me, perhaps these ingredients will be a good choice for a flavourful meal: sweet corn/ carrot/ onion/ garlic/ herbs & spices/ egg/ cheese/ seaweed/ kimchi/ mushroom/ capsicum/ broccoli/ shrimp/ squid/ bacon/ ham/ luncheon meat...... anything according to your personal preference. But, for first trial, we will definitely go for the basic version.


1. Wash rice (2 cups for 2-3 serving) and put into rice cooker with appropriate water level. 
2. Clean and remove the stem of a huge ripe tomato, put it in the middle of the rice with face down. 
3. Add in 3/4 tsp salt.
4. Add in 1/4 tsp black pepper.
5. Add in 2 tsp olive oil. 
6. Cover and press 'Start Cooking' button.
7. When it's done, smash the tomato and mix well with the whole pot of rice.
8. Ready to be served.


1. Remove bout 5 tbsp of water to avoid the rice being too wet considering the juice from tomato. 
2. You may replace olive oil by using butter for richer taste.
3. Use a huge RIPE tomato. May use more than one if tomato size is small. 
4. Some ingredients are best to add on top when the rice is almost well cooked: egg/ cheese/ seaweed...... 
5. Remember to adjust the saltiness when different ingredient is being added. 
This simple, healthy, and yummy Whole Tomato Rice can easily been done by everyone. Thanks for reading! You are most welcomed to share your creative add on ingredients with us. =)
Photo credit: http://nlab.itmedia.co.jp/nl/articles/1408/19/news020.html

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